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Building With Technology

Posted by HH360 on June 5, 2020

When we think of technology, we think of the social media apps on our smartphones, the 2-day shipping options available at our disposal, and the new 5G cellular network that will be deployed around the country this year. We don’t think about traditional industries, like homebuilding, and what technology stands to do and change in the industry.

However, technology is embedding itself as the most important asset in the future of homebuilding. One company understands this better than anyone: BrightonBuilders

A Futuristic 3D Perspective

Brighton Builders isn’t afraid of technology; they are embracing it to improve upon how they do things while still retaining the craftsmanship and tradition of building. Starting with the 2D sketches their founder created when he was only 14-years old and beginning to pursue his building passion, the Brighton Builders team can now behold 3D renderings through smart software. With this3D capability, the company can walk clients through the home before it’s even built, catching any problems, inconsistencies, or issues before the project commences.

The result? Saved time, money, and effort, benefiting every single party involved.

Using a proprietary system and technology through management, and informed decisionmaking for the client. Technology like zoom Meetings and FaceTime even allow out of town clients to communicate easily with the builder.

The team at Brighton Builders is responsible for “bringing the vision of each client to life through complicated designs and sophisticated taste. Something like SketchUp is making that easier than ever before, right down to each beam placement and door opening,” said owner Ben Kennedy.

SketchUp to obtain these renderings, clients are provided with the instant gratification we all want and crave in a digital world.

Just think of this example: if a website doesn’t load in3-seconds, we close out of it and find the next one. The same holds true in the planning of a home building. WithSketchUp, Brighton Builders are not only accessing virtual reality, but they’re also making it accessible to a wide variety of clients.

Coupling SketchUp with new Project management software, Brighton Builders is now able to guarantee better efficiency in design and planning, sub-contractor partnerships, reduced change orders, better money

The Inevitability of Technological Domination

Brighton Builders is an example of what’s possible when a building company embraces the technology readily available at our fingertips today. Companies that resist these changes may find it increasingly difficult to satisfy clients who crave instant results and examples of their home architecture plans and drawings.

With something like SketchUp, the future of homebuilding is poised to change forever. BrightonBuilders is ready to lead the charge.

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