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Haig Point


Even Before You Arrive, You Know You’ve Left For Good.

When you live on a bridgeless island, what first strikes you is what’s missing. Cars. Noise. Crowds. Stress. And then you realize that there really isn’t anything missing at all. On the southernmost tip of the Carolinas, Haig Point is an intimate community set upon an island suspended in time. It is not an escape from life, but a deeper immersion into it. And that’s the whole point.

Beyond The – Proverbial bridge too far

There has been the notion of a distant community being a bridge too far. Today, a new paradigm has emerged – and the ultimate luxury has become a home and lifestyle set comfortably away from the maddening crowd. At bridgeless Haig Point, home is your own private, intimate and secure island community. And it’s all just a seven minute jaunt aboard our water taxi from Hilton Head’s Harbour Town.


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