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Don’t Get Stuck in the Mud with Shower Installations

Posted by HH360 on October 26, 2020

How Custom Shower Pans Can Save You Time and Money and Enhance Your Health

Homebuilders and remodelers have used mud bed applications for years when building and installing showers. However, there are numerous problems with mud beds leading builders, installers, and homeowners to a better, more cost-effective, and healthier option: custom shower pans.

Traditional mud bed showers hold in moisture, lead to mold and mildew, are cold to stand on, and are quite heavy. Custom shower pans offer the option of protecting against moisture that can cause mold and mildew – and is fast becoming an option sought after by those seeking to live a healthier lifestyle.

There are several reasons to consider a custom shower pan instead of a mud bed shower on your next bathroom project – including added safety, quicker installation, and added customization. However, the fact that a custom shower pan like those manufactured by KBRS is 100% waterproof and leak-free is perhaps the most significant advantage over mud bed showers. KBRS custom shower kits have continually proven that they provide the moisture protection needed to prevent the growth of mold and mildew caused by leaky showers.

Why is KBRS such an advance for homebuilders, remodelers – and homeowners – over traditional mud bed showers … and how can people save time and money by turning to custom shower kits for their next project? To start with, KBRS offers unmatched products. That includes surface-ready custom shower bases and components, made with advanced composite materials that are exceptionally durable, easy-to-install, 100% waterproof, and ready to be finished with any decorative shower surface imaginable.  Additionally, a custom shower kit saves both time and money. KBRS’ custom manufacturing process allows them to build for any application in any size, including shower bases with a unique shape or drain location (customers can choose from existing sizes or custom designs to fit their needs.)  The KBRS manufacturing process ensures that anyone easily installs all tile shower products – needing no extra work before installation, and all products come delivered with no overlapping seams, pre-sloped, and 100% waterproof.

Don’t get stuck in the mud. See why so many home builders and remodelers both locally and nationally leave traditional mud bed showers behind. Discover the difference that the 100% waterproof, leak-free shower kits manufactured right here in Hardeeville by KBRS can have on your next home building or renovation project.

For more information about KBRS and their complete line of 100% leakproof custom shower kits and see why they are superior to traditional mud bed showers – visit or call 866-912-3211.

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