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Posted by HH360 on July 22, 2019
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How will your personal representatives access your medical information, financial accounts, passwords, if you are suddenly ill, unable to make decisions, or upon your untimely death?  What rights will your representative have on your behalf?

After they hunt down the key to the safety deposit box, will your representative have legal access to the box and its contents?  How will they access important websites, passwords or have the legal right to be online to access your personal banking, insurance policy, and medical records stored electronically? What if you own a business and your misfortune creates a need to have someone step in on your behalf?

Gone are the days of a simple will and executor.  Managing ones’ personal information requires an extensive effort of documenting all the “pieces” of our lives from the house alarm code, email access to long term retirement accounts, and legally acknowledging the representatives, executors, and beneficiaries of each part.  So, where do you start?

There are several tools currently on the market to help organize this information.  At CoastalStates Wealth Management of Raymond James, we partner with Everplans to provide clients with a simple solution for their personal or business information.  Our local wealth management team can assist you in gathering the appropriate information, checklists of helpful information needed, and can provide information regarding state-by-state guidelines to help you prepare.

Everplans will help you document every account, policy, and password before there is a crisis. You can share this information with your trusted representatives, or children in one concise place before there is a need.  You remain in complete control of the information, and can share as much or as little as you wish.

If you would like watch a tutorial video about Everplans, or learn more about how our local team at CoastalStates Wealth Management of Raymond James is using this valuable tool you can contact us at 843-836-3320, or visit coastalstateswealthmanagement.com.

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